How Do You Protect Your Data?

How Do You Protect Your Data?

March 17

Over half of companies don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan. And 51% of IT admins admit that they don’t back up data every single day. How much time could you last without your data, in case your servers go down? March 31 is World Backup Day, and we’re taking this chance to remind everyone to back up their data!

Watch our educational video below to see how easy it is to protect your precious data from any kind of incident.


65% of Companies Don’t Have a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Stats show a bleak status quo for the average business. Over half (65%) of businesses don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan. And that’s alarming, considering that just one minute of downtime can add up to over $900 in costs. Downtime means:

  • lost productivity
  • lost revenue
  • brand reputation damage
  • frustrated and angry customers

Very often, owners will offset the idea of a business continuity plan because they feel that it can’t happen to them. But disasters strike when you least expect it, and companies can sometimes go out of business if they are not ready for it. So don’t wait until you lose your data, back up safely with StorageCraft!

StorageCraft technology provides reliable backup software for virtual and physical environments and has intelligent systems that backup only the most important data to keep costs in check!