World Backup Day highlights importance of keeping information safe

World Backup Day highlights importance of keeping information safe

April 5

Businesses and consumers both need to protect their most important information from system failures, theft and natural disasters. Although many firms and people realize the significance of backing up such data, others need a reminder to do so. USA Today recently reported that World Backup Day began in April 2011 when Ismail Jadun, a college student, and others on Reddit discussed the fact that many do not back up their most critical assets.

“It was close to April 1,” Jadun said, according to USA Today. “I thought it would be kind of funny to have a World Backup Day before April Fool’s. You know … back up before someone plays a prank on you.”

Erik Martin, general manager at Reddit, said research has shown that a majority of people have no backup in place.

“Yet we have our whole lives in the form of data – documents, receipts, works of art, photos, music. It’s important to have multiple backups so you don’t have a tragedy,” Martin said, USA Today reported.

The news source suggested that local and cloud backups can protect important information from being lost. However, on-site devices can be damaged or destroyed during disruptions, while the cloud is located off-site and out of harm’s way, allowing consumers and employees easy access to critical documents.

The many benefits of cloud backup
Organizations considering adopting cloud backup to maintain operational efficiency during disasters and other disruptions will be happy to know that the technology offers many benefits. IT News Africa reported that the solution includes real-time functionality, which means that firms can back up data quickly and easily. The cloud’s automation is advantageous for employees, who no longer have to perform manual backups.

Businesses operating with tight budgets can benefit greatly from cloud computing. The news source explained that firms can purchase cloud services on a monthly basis, rather than spend for on-site infrastructure that requires an upfront capital investment. Also, most of the maintenance of hosted environments is handled by the vendors, so companies can free up more internal resources.

Disasters and other incidents can strike at any time. Organizations that fail to back up their most important data consistently may lose information that is critical for maintaining operations. The cloud is not only an affordable technology, but also an effective one for keeping corporate files safe and accessible.

Photo Credit: Uncle Saiful via Compfight cc