Why Work at StorageCraft?

Why Work at StorageCraft?

March 26

The following was written by StorageCraft Human Resources Director, Mathew Kunz, and posted on his behalf. 

As an ever-expanding company, StorageCraft has a number of career opportunities available on our job board, in both the US and Ireland. We have a variety of employees in many different positions and we’d love to add more hardworking innovators to our team.

We find that more often than not, people who apply for a career at StorageCraft have nearly as many questions for us as we do for them. That’s why we’d like to take a look at a few commonly asked questions so we can show you that our commitment to our employees and to the quality of our products are some of the greatest reasons to work here.

Q: I’ve done a bit of research and found out a little about your product, but what can you tell me about StorageCraft that I might not find on the website?

We’re often asked about the history of our company and the current state of affairs at StorageCraft. A lot of companies in our situation (smaller, growing software companies) are funded by venture capitalists. Many job-seekers are aware that they are, though many don’t know the pros and cons of working for a company that’s got to answer to investors. Applicants are often pleased to know that we’re not funded by venture capitalists, and a big reason for that is our strong leadership.

Q. What can you tell me about your leadership team?

Our leadership team really values employees. They have a caring, forward-thinking mindset that can often only be found in smaller businesses. Personally, I’ve worked for one of the biggest retailers in the world, Home Depot. Working for such a massive company comes with a lot of pros and cons and a lot of challenges. Shortly after my tenure there, I worked for a franchise of Gold’s Gym owned by a husband and wife—a very small company. After that I found StorageCraft, which is another small to medium-sized company. Having worked for both large and small, I definitely prefer smaller companies, which is a notion I share with our leadership team. They’ve all had a chance to work for very large companies and they’ve had a chance to do things on their own. They definitely prefer doing things on their own and certainly value quality over size, which means they make decisions based on what will be best for StorageCraft and the employees the business is comprised of.

Q: What can you tell me about the corporate culture? What types of people would I be working with?

We try to hire people who are very entrepreneurial, independent, and capable of thinking for themselves—not necessarily people who wait for directions. The same small business attitude our owners have is something we look for in employees we hire.

Additionally, we hire people who care. Imagine starting a new business yourself. You might be desperate to get a few new accounts so you would bend over backwards to get them, and work hard to make sure they stayed. StorageCraft tries to treat all of their clients the way most businesses only treat their newest clients. We look for people that will treat new accounts with the same level of energy and enthusiasm as the deal they landed when they first got started. Somebody who can bring that level of care to every account is someone StorageCraft wants on board.

Q: Where do you see the company going in the future?

Wherever we go in the next five years, we’re committed to never letting our level of service be reduced. We never set out to be the biggest. We set out to be the best. We’re committed to quality and to preventing growth from getting in the way of the solid products we work so hard to create. Our biggest selling point is in the speed and quality of not just backing up with our product, but in recovering. Many software solutions can back you up, but ours is the very best at recovering, which is something our leadership team is committed to preserving. In the future, we want to grow and dominate some of the markets we don’t currently dominate, but never at the expense of the quality of our product.

Q: How do I apply and where should I go with questions?

If StorageCraft sounds like a place you’d like to work, please don’t hesitate to apply online. If you’ve got questions about employment with StorageCraft, please email Mathew[dot]Kunz[at] and I’ll reply as quickly as I can.