StorageCraft Cloud Services Enables You to Complete Your Own Recovery

StorageCraft Cloud Services Enables You to Complete Your Own Recovery

March 15

Here at StorageCraft, we focus day in and day out on your ability to recover systems and data in the case of a disaster.  When we embarked on work to offer a cloud solution, we wanted to ensure you could recover using a backup image stored in the StorageCraft Cloud as quickly as you can recover using an onsite backup image.

As you may already know, it is easy to recover systems and data using a local StorageCraft backup image. StorageCraft VirtualBoot technology, included with StorageCraft ShadowProtect, enables you to spin up a virtual machine quickly after a server or workstation failure. And with StorageCraft HeadStart Restore technology, an add-on to StorageCraft ImageManager, you can pre-stage a virtual machine to prepare in advance of a disaster.  Finally, StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore lets you restore operating systems, applications, data and settings to replacement hardware or virtual environments with ease.

Ensuring your cloud recoveries were just as easy and quick as your onsite recoveries was paramount in the development of StorageCraft Cloud Services.  We also wanted to keep you in control over your offsite resources at all times.  To address these opportunities, StorageCraft built recovery features into our solution that enable you to experience the same level of recovery comfort whether you are using onsite  or StorageCraft Cloud backup images.

When you store your images offsite in the secure StorageCraft Cloud at the plus or premium level, you can access those images at any time.  If you need to simply retrieve a file, you can quickly mount a backup image and browse it to download files or folders.  If you need to access a full system in the cloud, StorageCraft Cloud Services premium level enables you to virtualize a backup image yourself and then access it through remote desktop.  You can also link systems in the cloud to set-up virtual private networks that can run for up to 30 days annually.

While StorageCraft does help you to prepare in advance and will support you through your disaster recoveries, our solution stands out because it allows you to manage your own disaster recovery, your own way.  Unlike other providers, you don’t need to wait for vendor help to virtualize machines with StorageCraft Cloud Services. With just a few clicks in our web-based portal you can have a running VM in seconds.

It’s just another way StorageCraft works to ensure the business continuity of small and medium businesses worldwide.  For more information, visit