Winter brings unique disaster situations

Winter brings unique disaster situations

November 22

Even as hurricane season winds down and businesses wrap up disaster recovery efforts following Sandy, companies still must be preparing for the next wave of natural disasters. Winter brings its own unique challenges to business continuity, and organizations need to be prepared or they will end up risking everything.

According to ITWeb, December has been marked as a “high-risk” month for data loss – the worst of the year. With the holiday season, winter storms, and other challenges, businesses need to invest in the right disaster recovery software and solidify their strategies for continuity.

The risks
In winter, one of the biggest disaster risks is the mobilization of data and the holiday season. Many employees work remotely around the holidays, moving company data off-site and on to laptops, tablets, and smartphones that could be lost or stolen. Additionally, the holiday season is known for a particularly high theft rate, increasing these risks even more. No amount of network security can keep data from being lost when the physical machine is stolen, and in these instances, backups come into play.

The answer
Data backup software provides businesses with the protection they need not only from a natural disaster, but stolen devices as well. While a stolen device may not be recoverable, with backups a company can rest easy knowing that workflow won’t be too heavily interrupted. A laptop is replaceable, data is not.

Protecting data from loss is a top priority for any business, and implementing the backup and recovery solutions to answer this need is essential for business survival. While many businesses learned this lesson following Sandy, the end of the hurricane season doesn’t mean it’s time to relax, but rather, that it’s time to regroup and remain vigilant.