Need a Smart Windows File Backup Software? Choose StorageCraft

Need a Smart Windows File Backup Software? Choose StorageCraft

May 3

Not all data is created equal… and neither are all backups. We are creating data at a mind-boggling pace. But only about 15 percent of that data is mission-critical. Learn how to cut costs and tame the chaos with the StorageCraft File Backup & Recovery, the best Windows file backup software! You can download our free eBook, “Smart Storage with StorageCraft” to find out how it works to protect all your data.

The traditional storage industry will say every bit/byte of data is important, so we need to back it all up. That’s just not sustainable however, in the long term. Massive amounts of unstructured data ends up in storage on company servers. Storing a single TB of file data costs around $3,351 a year. And that cost potentially skyrockets because of supporting technologies.

Smart Storage with StorageCraft

With StorageCraft, you only back up the data that is important to you. And you have a good view of all your data, no matter where you store it, from one single pane of glass. Download our free eBook “Smart Storage with StorageCraft” to learn how:

  • You can quickly sift through piles of information on all your endpoints with a Backup Analyzer, no end-user downtime needed
  • A file-based backup system will help protect all your endpoints, including road warrior employees’ laptops
  • Scaling a business to enterprise becomes easy with a smart Windows file and folder backup software
  • You can save time by backing up Windows automatically with preconfigured backup rules.


Best Windows File Backup Software

File Backup & Recovery works seamlessly with all your Windows systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. The StorageCraft Windows file backup software will allow you to restore a specific version of your file after it has been permanently deleted.

File Backup & Recovery won’t take a full backup of your system including apps and configuration settings (system image). It will take an incremental backup of your work files. You have the option to save the most recent version of a file or restore from an older version.