Why your business needs disaster recovery solutions

Why your business needs disaster recovery solutions

December 27

Some businesses may be defined by their size, but they don’t have to worry about experiencing a disruption if they have an effective disaster recovery tool in place. Companies that neglected such protection before Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the Northeast should be considering implementing such solutions as 2013 begins. The economic crisis may be impacting how much organizations can spend, but there are some cost-effective ways to keep critical data safe.

Disaster recovery tools can range from on-site deployments like tape or disk to technologies that are located off-site like cloud computing. Industry professionals encourage firms to have a mix of both so if one device fails, the other is ready. But one disadvantage of having just on-site options is that if a disaster strikes the office, the backups can be damaged or destroyed.

The next year should have its share of disasters. Companies that avoided recovery solutions in the past should strongly consider the advantages of having such resources in 2013. Businesses may lack the ability to predict when and where an incident will strike, but they can at least ensure their mission-critical data is protected and accessible if need be.