White Paper: Three Sources of Untapped Business Continuity Revenue

White Paper: Three Sources of Untapped Business Continuity Revenue

January 27

Business continuity is more than just disaster recovery, but how do you take your existing backup and disaster recovery solution and turn it into business continuity revenue? In this StorageCraft white paper, we consider three ways you can use your current disaster recovery resources to create greater business continuity for your clients:

  • Forensic recovery
  • Dynamic data management
  • Industry specialization
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Three Sources of Untapped Business Continuity Revenue

Business continuity is everywhere these days. At least the phrase is. Everywhere you go, you hear about it, about why you need it.

More and more, however, as people adopt the term for their own purposes, the meaning of business continuity gets muddled. Somewhere along the way, business continuity became just another way of saying backup and disaster recovery.

You can see an example of this in the October 2011 issue of ChannelProNetwork. The author says this:

“Backup gets your data back after a mistake, such as deleting the wrong files. Disaster recovery gets your data back after a small disaster, such as a server hard disk crash or the wholesale theft of your servers. Business continuity gets your business back after a big disaster, such as a fire, tornado, or hurricane that destroys not only your data, but also your workplace.”

In other words, the only difference between backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity is the severity of the disaster. The article quotes a number of industry thinkers who support this view, suggesting that to many people, disaster recovery and business continuity are essentially synonyms.

The flattening of these concepts into one big disaster recovery family has flooded the market with solution providers who claim to be offering business continuity, but who are really only offering backup and disaster recovery with a fresh coat of marketing paint.

In this paper, we’ll look at business continuity, define what it really is, then explore some ways that you can set yourself apart from other solution providers by taking your current backup and disaster recovery offering and turning it into true business continuity.