Ebook: How to Prepare for Disaster

Ebook: How to Prepare for Disaster

October 4

Joe, Teresa, and John have never met, but they have a lot in common.

Each has used a backup and disaster recovery plan to recover from a disaster. And each of them is uniquely qualified to give advice about surviving a disaster.

What do we mean by “disaster”? Anything that disrupts your normal business operations.

Of course, headline-making natural disasters and major industrial accidents cause broad disruption of infrastructure and services. But they’re not very common. Only 5 to 9% of all disasters fall into this category for small to mid-sized business, according to the Aberdeen Group.

Much more likely to disrupt your business are disasters such as a hardware component failure on a critical server, data theft, a construction crew knocking out power to your office, or an employee accidentally deleting a critical document.

But whatever the disaster, whether it’s a natural catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina or the 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado, or a more common event like a power outage or a mechanical failure, one lesson remains: recovery is faster for those who have a backup and disaster recovery plan.

As disaster survivors, Joe, Teresa, and John have seen the devastating impact of unplanned events on small businesses and communities. From their experiences, you can learn how to build a realistic backup and disaster recovery plan, how to test that plan, and how to recover as quickly as possible from a disaster.


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How to Prepare for Disaster