What US businesses can learn from EU data protection regulations

What US businesses can learn from EU data protection regulations

August 30

In Europe, regulations regarding data backup software and the protection of digital information is based on the EU Data Protection Directive. This directive establishes retention periods, freedom of information, and eDiscovery requirements that every business has to adhere to. And while these regulations are specific to European businesses, there is much from this directive that U.S. companies can learn from to improve their own business continuity strategies.

According to TechTarget, the EU Data Protection Directive is scheduled to be updated by 2013. These updates include increased responsibilities for data controllers and new rules regarding the cloud. Some of these rules can be taken into consideration by other businesses to not only improve their disaster recovery, but to better understand cloud storage as well.

One of the most important things any business should consider before adopting an online backup solution is the service’s security features. From access requirements to ensuring that client information is protected in a manner that leaves no room for error, a business cannot afford to skimp in these areas.

Additionally, the EU directive outlines three tips that can help a company ensure compliance and maximize the efficiency of its backup solutions. Ensuring that employees are fully trained in backup and recovery software, examining all legal policies and procedures, and integrating questionable services like social media will allow a business to rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, all of its digital information is protected from disaster and remains well within compliance guidelines.

While the rules and regulations in Europe may differ from those in the United States, any business can benefit from a better understanding of data protection and firmer guidelines to follow.