What to consider for effective disaster recovery in the cloud

What to consider for effective disaster recovery in the cloud

April 10

Running disaster recovery solutions in the cloud is becoming more common as companies both recognize the benefits of hosted services and make more of an effort to protect the pertinent information on which they rely for daily and long-term operations.

According to a recent InformationWeek report, Forrester Research senior analyst Rachel Dines highlighted several areas for companies to consider when deploying hosted backup and recovery software. The cloud has shown potential, Dines said, but only if approached correctly.

For starters, she said, companies should understand their service-level agreement and set goals for DR practices. Also, it’s important for companies to test their DR strategies often.

Various organizations have also taken different approaches to the cloud. For example, larger companies may use it as a complementary backup and recovery tool, while it will serve as a primary strategy for smaller firms that might not have abundant resources available.

Between man-made and natural disasters, there are many factors that now place enterprise data at a high level of risk. That’s why it’s more important than ever, experts say, for companies to focus on backing up their data and devising strategies for returning operations as quickly as possible following an incident.