What to consider for disk backup solutions

What to consider for disk backup solutions

April 19

Backup and recovery software has become too important to the operations of the average company for IT decision-makers not to prioritize. That’s why selecting the appropriate technology and devising effective strategies and policies takes a bit of thinking, according to Info-Tech Research.

A new report from the market analysis firm highlights several areas and considerations for all companies to take into account when it comes to disk backup and business continuity.

“As companies face growing data needs, backup, and recovery become essential,” Info-Tech’s report stated. “The landscape for backup storage is changing with the switch from tape to disk-based backup.”

The firm’s recommendations include the need for companies to identify and rank various backup and recovery software offerings, evaluate the products to see which fit their needs, and understand all the nuances of the products available.

Cloud computing’s exploding popularity has presented organizations with multiple options for backup, as they can go with either an on-premise or hosted approach. According to CSO Online, the cloud is among several “critical” trends for backup and DR programs, as well as for the overall market for the solutions.