What Keeps You Up at Night?

What Keeps You Up at Night?

May 8

Remember the story about the farmhand who gets hired because he tells the farmer he can “sleep through anything?” The farmer is impressed by the young man’s confidence, though he doesn’t fully understand it.

One night, a howling storm blows in and wakes up the farmer. He finds the farmhand fast asleep and can’t wake him. Disgusted, he goes outside to check on things himself. To his surprise, the farmer finds everything already taken care of—windows shuttered, animals safely in the barn, gates secured, etc.

That farmhand knew how to get a good night’s sleep. So do StorageCraft partners. They can sleep well at night because they know that StorageCraft ShadowProtect is taking care of their clients.

Take Platinum Partner Steven Saslow of Information Technology Group, for example. His company provides IT solutions and managed services to small businesses in North Haven, CT—and 80% of his customer base is in the healthcare field. Steven switched to ShadowProtect a few years ago, when file-based backups started ruining his sleep.

“We were having tremendous frustrations with [our old] backup products that failed,” he recalls. The unreliability, long recovery times, and hardware requirements of file-based backups led him to look for a better backup and disaster recovery solution.

“We’re really a virtualization company; we remove hardware from businesses and go to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI),” he says. “StorageCraft doesn’t care if it’s a virtualized environment. Its only requirement is that it runs on a Windows system. ShadowProtect runs outside the operating system—all it knows is, it’s backing up some sort of data. It just works.”

Also, their previous disaster recovery solution had an extremely large footprint on the server. “It was using 100% of the server’s resources to do the backup, so all backups had to be done at night,” he explains.

With ShadowProtect, Steven doesn’t have to work at night anymore. “Data can be collected during the business day, snapshotting the deltas every hour, or more frequently if needed. ShadowProtect is very fast.”

Today, 90% of his customers have converted to a StorageCraft solution. “We now require a StorageCraft solution because we need the tools for rapid recovery,” he says. “If a customer doesn’t see the value in it, they’re probably not a good fit for us. If they’re going to expect me to pull a rabbit out of a hat, I have to have the hat.”

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