Webinar: Virtualization Rollouts and Migrations Made Easy

Webinar: Virtualization Rollouts and Migrations Made Easy

October 20

The advantages of robust, image-based backup and recovery software for disaster recovery are easy to articulate: exceptionally fast time to recovery, completely granular file access, and near real-time backup capabilities are just some of the benefits. However, for service providers dealing with virtualization rollouts and migrations, these utilities also represent time- and money-saving components of an MSP’s or VAR’s toolkit. While their primary purpose is generally disaster recovery, the underlying technology can make short order of complicated management and deployment tasks in virtual environments.

The Channel Company and StorageCraft are proud to present “Virtualization Rollouts and Migrations Made Easy”, a recorded ChannelCast in which you will:

  • Learn about best practices for VM migrations
  • Identify opportunities to save time and money while providing faster service to clients in support of their virtualization projects
  • Hear about specific tools and use cases for backup and recovery software in virtualized environments

Note: This is a recorded webinar. Any giveaways or interactive elements are not available. 

Photo credit: Bob Mical via Flickr