Webinar: StorageCraft + Exablox, the Complete Converged Storage Solution

Webinar: StorageCraft + Exablox, the Complete Converged Storage Solution

February 1

StorageCraft and Exablox have joined forces to help enterprises solve their data management needs. Watch the special edition StorageCraft webinar to see what is news in the converged storage market. In the webinar, StorageCraft and Exablox executives explain what new products they offer to their partner base. They will also lay out the plans of how the Exablox + ShadowProtect SPX bundle can solve data management and BDR problems for the enterprise.

“Exablox is a hardware platform that will take us into the converged storage market. We are excited about this, we think it is going to be a big opportunity for StorageCraft. It is also going to be a great opportunity for our partners. This will allow you to expand the conversation. You can protect data with on-site backup, off-site, cloud, file and folder backup as well as Office 365,” said Marvin Blough, StorageCraft VP of Sales, during the webinar.

The Complete Converged Storage Solution

Marvin reminded that StorageCraft launched a cloud backup solution for Office 365 in December 2016. StorageCraft has also aquired a file-based backup solution from partners Gillware Online Backup. The file-based system complements the award-winning ShadowProtect SPX imaging solution. The  recent aquisitions will allow partners to protect ALL of their customers’ data, irrespective of business setting, infrastructure or configuration.

“Exablox has the misson of building out the next generation storage technology, based on advances of file systems and object based storage. We want to help companies in the mid-size enterprise address the data management problems that they are facing today. What we wanted to build out was a modern scale-out network attached storage (NAS) product,” said Shridar, VP of Marketing, during the webinar.

Exablox, a company from Sunnyvale, California, has a worldwide customer base including Fortune 500 companies, research and educational institutions, leading technology innovators, and government entities. It creates highly scalable primary and secondary converged storage appliances, which are easy to deploy and manage. The company offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model that adjusts to growing enterprise storage infrastructure needs.

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