Webinar: ShadowProtect IT Edition Promo Extended

Webinar: ShadowProtect IT Edition Promo Extended

Great news, partner! Special prices for the ShadowProtect IT Edition  will be available for another month, until the 30th of July. We’ve extended the offer so that current and new partners can save on purchases and renewals. Watch our recorded webinar below, where we showcase some of the projects we’re working on. We’re improving our products, website and pricing to make life easier for MSP partners.

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Brian Wistisen (Director of Product Marketing), Rob Walton (Channel and Product Marketing Management) and Liz Angus (Senior Director of Product Management) will discuss:

  • Updates for ShadowProtect, ShadowControl and ImageManager;
  • Extension for the promotional offer on ShadowProtect IT Edition;
  • The StorageCraft.com website redesign;
  • The new MSP bundle, a monthly subscription for StorageCraft products;

Kimber Barton (Senior Manager for the Sales Engineering Team), offers a live demo of the ShadowProtect IT Edition backup and recovery capabilities. You will see just how fast you can backup, migrate and recover your data for Windows and Linux systems.

ShadowProtect IT Edition Live Demo: Watch The Video!

During the webinar, Kimber Barton takes one backup of a system and migrates it to another machine. The entire process, without any reinstall of the operating system, is surprisingly simple. What used to be a time-consuming task, now takes less than 20 minutes with StorageCraft IT Edition.

“The best part about this demo is I didn’t install anything, I was able to use our Recovery Environment. It’s going to save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches. A lot of partners have come up to me at tradeshows and have told me: “I just want you to know know how cool this is, what once took me two days now I was able to finish in 20 minutes.” “This is just another tool for your tool belt, that you can use to protect your customers,” said Kimber Barton, while demonstrating live a backup and restore scenario for the ShadowProtect IT Edition during the webinar.

We host the monthly webinar series for StorageCraft partners on the first Wednesday of every month. Whether you are an active partner or simply want to know more about backup software, our monthly broadcast will let you in on the latest developments and improvements to our products.

Register for our webinar series here: http://bit.ly/1MHcSRS