Webinar: Avoid Failing the Recovery Test

Webinar: Avoid Failing the Recovery Test

May 28

For maximizing uptime, you’ve got a variety of options. Solutions that work for your business will typically be a compromise between the costs of maintaining uptime, and the costs of crippling downtime. Let’s look at a few common types of backup that can help businesses protect data, or in some cases, recover the quickest, then we’ll look at a webinar discussing what the best-in-class businesses do to make sure downtime and data loss is at an absolute minimum.

Tape backup: it’s inexpensive, survives for a long time, and it’s great for archiving. But when you really need it, can you recover it? And perhaps more importantly, how long will it take to recover the data and have everything functional?

Local hard disk backup: It’s quick to backup, and quick and reliable to recover (especially if you can pre-stage a recovery), but you’re still making backup images and saving them on a piece of equipment that fails more commonly than any other piece of hardware, which means you might want another layer of protection, just to be safe.

Cloud backup: When used with a good local backup, you’ve got optimum protection ensuring that if your local systems are obliterated, you can still recover. The best cloud backup solutions can even allow you to spin up your critical systems as a virtual machine in a matter of minutes—this can be essential to businesses that can’t tolerate downtime.

Cloud backup plus mirroring: For that data you absolutely cannot take a chance with, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra copy out there. Mirroring keeps the indispensable data safe against just about anything.

What do the best companies use?

The fiery-hot question is this: what do the best enterprises do to make sure uptime is at a maximum? Or better yet, how exactly do they avoid failing the recovery test?

In this webinar, Jim Rapoza, Senior Research Analyst and Editorial Director with Aberdeen Group, and Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist and Director of Product Management with StorageCraft, discuss modern disaster recovery solutions, best practices, and how the best keep their systems running.

Photo Credit: comedynose via Flickr