Webinar: Q&A With Matt Medeiros, StorageCraft CEO

Webinar: Q&A With Matt Medeiros, StorageCraft CEO

The StorageCraft monthly webinar for August focuses on some of the most exciting projects in the works for the company. StorageCraft is rolling out a new partner program, new products and a revamped partner portal. In July, the company website got a new look and feel. The new website is designed specifically for partners to learn about the backup and recovery solution. This month’s webinar included Matt Medeiros, StorageCraft CEO, as a special guest, who spoke to our partners about company future plans.

StorageCraft News: Maintenance Updates, New Products and Promotions

Watch the recording below to find out directly from the CEO what the StorageCraft vision is going forward. Our team will give insights on:

  • How to buy the StorageCraft Backup & Recovery Solution for an exceptional monthly affordable subscription (MSP Bundle promotion);
  • Extension of the promotional offer for ShadowProtect IT Edition (offer ends 30th September);
  • New Cloud to Cloud solution for cloud backup data protection (for Google Apps, Office365, Salesforce and data);
  • The website redesign and the educational materials it offers to partners;
  • ImageManager 7.0.4 and ShadowControl 3.8 maintenance releases coming up;
  • Q & A session with Matt Medeiros: vision for StorageCraft

Here’s the list of the marketing and management team who hosted the August webinar: Brian Wistisen (Director of Product Marketing), Rob Walton (Channel and Product Marketing Management), Tim McDonnell (Content Marketing Manager), Matt Urmston (Senior Director of Product Management) and Matt Medeiros (CEO, StorageCraft).

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Webinar Highlights: Matt Medeiros – “Not All Data Is Created Equal”

Matt Medeiros spoke about the company vision for development, new products and plans to grow the development team. Matt underlined how StorageCraft will continue to improve on its outstanding data backup technology. However, not all data is created equal, he told us.

 “Let’s get more responsible about data backup. Today’s world has put so much data in storage that is not mission critical to the business. How do we do a better job at helping people manage and restore their data?” said Matt Medeiros in the Q&A session.

Watch the webinar to see what else he had to say about new products, tech talent additions and the launch of a Mac OS backup software.

We host the monthly webinar series for StorageCraft partners on the first Wednesday of every month. Whether you are an active partner or simply want to know more about backup software, watch our monthly broadcast! It will let you in on the latest developments and improvements to our products.

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