Webinar: Migrate & Recover Instantly with VirtualBoot for vSphere

Webinar: Migrate & Recover Instantly with VirtualBoot for vSphere

September 10

System migration and recovery to VMware ESXi just got easier with VirtualBoot for vSphere, new technology included with ShadowProtect SPX. You can now migrate a StorageCraft backup image (of a VM or physical system) directly to an ESXi host (requires a vSphere cluster) with just a few clicks and minimal downtime. No conversion necessary or additional appliance! This new technology brought gold for Storagecraft at VMworld 2016 last week, in the Data Protection category. You can watch a demo included in our recorded September webinar, shown below.

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One-button, Site-wide Failover with the New Virtual Machine Policy

The webinar covered all the new software updates that make life easier for StorageCraft partners. Dave McConkie, Senior Director of Product Management, gave an overview of the Cloud Services 1.9.0 update, which offers site-wide failover with one click. You can configure and test machine boot order, timing, and dependencies, and then you’ll be able to press just one button to start site-wide failover processes.

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VirtualBoot for vSphere Makes Migration & Recovery to ESXi a Breeze

StorageCraft Product Manager Cody Carpenter showed a demo of the new technology during the webinar. Cody took just a few seconds to migrate a system to VMware ESXi, a complex process that sometimes causes frustration for sysadmins. Users at VMworld in Las Vegas showed excitement about VirtualBoot for vSphere, said Junior Silva, Technical Product Manager.

“They loved it! Some of people’s reactions: ‘This is a game changer!’ or ‘Wow, impressive!’ We ran a live demo to hundreds of people. They saw a Hyper-V virtual machine get migrated into VMware vSphere in less than 10 seconds! It was true innovation and the reason why we were the only backup software company to receive a Best of VMworld award in the data protection category,” said Junior Silva.

ShadowProtect Integrations with Your Favorite RMM Tools

Bret Dayley, Senior Director of Product Management, let us have a sneak peek at StorageCraft plans for integrating ShadowProtect SPX with popular Remote Monitoring and Management tools. StorageCraft backup statuses are now available in SolarWinds N-Able, LabTech, and Continuum software.  Bret added that StorageCraft will continue improving integrations with these RMM tools, and will add Kaseya VSA to the list.

“We are big fans of RMM vendors. We understand they are typically an integral part of our partners’ tool set to deliver IT services to customers and really help with operational efficiency, being able to scale human resources and bring on new customers. We love to hear that our partners are using an RMM tool, and we have a relationship with quite a few of them,” said Bret Dayley, during the webinar.

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