Webinar: Why High Availability is No Substitute for Recover-Ability

Webinar: Why High Availability is No Substitute for Recover-Ability

November 26

CRN (The Channel Company) and StorageCraft present: Why High Availability is No Substitute for Recoverability

Business continuity involves making sure nothing gets in the way of you or a client’s ability to do business. One of the biggest issues threatening a business is downtime. Ensuring business continuity means avoiding downtime from anything that comes your way—everything from changes in economy, to disruptive technologies, to natural and IT disasters stand to threaten business continuity and your ability to ensure maximum uptime.

Five nines (99.999 percent) is often the goal when it comes to maintaining uptime, though few companies can actually achieve it. There are a couple of different things that can help businesses achieve business continuity at such a level, and if you’re hoping to have uptime in the five nines territory, you’ll really need both.

Data availability and data durability are two different things, but they’re complimentary technologies that offer the most for businesses when they work together. Data availability refers to your ability to get to your data—even in the face of some of the issues we mentioned above. Data durability refers to the integrity of the data. Is it complete, accurate, and intact?

Data availability involves things like:

–          Load balancing
–          Failover  devices
–          Clustering
–          Virtualized resources (servers or storage)

While data durability involves things like:

–          Data integrity checks (this could involve things like verifying backups)
–          Anti-virus and / malware protection
–          System redundancies
–          Solid backups

The real question is: what good is durable data that isn’t available? On the other hand: what good is available data that is incomplete or corrupt?

Ultimately, you’re going to need both. This webinar is designed to explore exactly how you can attain availability and durability in your data while using the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution. Let our technical marketing manager Steven Snyder explain why having high-availability systems is different than having a solution that offers true Recover-Ability.

Note: This is a recorded webinar. Any interactive elements or giveaways are  not available.

Photo Credit: Kim Scarborough via Compfight cc