Webinar: Famous SaaS Words

Webinar: Famous SaaS Words

May 10

The May Storagecraft broadcast covers cloud data protection issues that are top of mind for virtually ALL of your IT service clients. Martin Merrell, StorageCraft Sales Engineer, walks you through a “Famous SaaS Words” overview. This is a telling tale of  why you need to back up your SaaS data. And a presentation that you’ll want to share with your own clients or colleagues.

Famous SaaS Words, or Why You Need a Backup for Your SaaS Applications

A wide range of companies working in all industries have adopted the Software-as-a-Service model. The benefits of cost savings, flexibility and increased productivity are well-known. But some myths about cloud applications are still perpetuated by business owners and users alike.

Here is a list of famous last words that some say, right before data gets corrupt, accidentally deleted, or encrypted by ransomware:

  • Since my data is in the cloud, it’s already backed up and safe
  • We have good, highly trained admins and users, plus very efficient systems
  • If we need something, we just put in a request with the application vendor
  • No one would ever hijack our data, we are too small to be a target
  • Our users are careful and only delete incorrect our outdated files
  • This vendor is great and they never go down!

Watch the webinar below to see Martin Merrell bust these myths that might be fatal to your business!

StorageCraft Free Cloud Backup Until June 30th

We don’t want to be the guys ‘that told you so’. We want to take care of all your data protection needs, including for data which is hosted in the cloud. This is why StorageCraft is offering a free cloud backup until June 30th to protect your Office 365 and G Suite files.

Your Office 365 backup will include data from Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive, and all file types: documents, calendars, presentations or emails.

The Storagecraft G Suite backup also backs up everything from Gmail, calendars, contacts and Drive files.

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