Webinar: Disaster Recovery: Fast, Easy, and Self-Service

Webinar: Disaster Recovery: Fast, Easy, and Self-Service

April 30

Nobody likes to think about disaster recovery. Preparations are rarely inexpensive, execution isn’t cheap, and the indirect costs of downtime make accountants and IT administrators alike very nervous. However, emerging backup and recovery tools have the potential to make upfront investments pay for themselves many times over by getting businesses back up and running within minutes or hours instead of days or weeks and placing control over recovery directly with businesses and their partners.

UBM Channel is proud to present, Disaster Recovery: Fast, Easy, and Self-Service, a live and interactive Channel Cast about the benefits of redundant, virtual machine-based backup and recovery tools for mission-critical servers and PCs. In this video we will:

  • Discuss the shortcomings of traditional backup and recovery solutions.
  • Teach you about on premise and cloud-based tools for disaster recovery.
  • Help you understand how virtual machine-based backups can save time, money, and grief during recovery efforts.

Check out the webinar, Disaster Recovery: Fast, Easy, and Self-Service below, where you’ll learn about some of the problems with traditional backup tools and recovery services and ways that StorageCraft ShadowProtect and ImageManager can give VARs and their clients the tools they need to recover fast in the event of a disaster: