Webinar: A Massively Scalable, Highly Available, Disaster Recovery Cloud

Looking to create a massively scalable, highly available, Disaster Recovery cloud solution? Need an uptime of 99.999%+? You’re looking for the StorageCraft Cloud Services solution. The solution will ensure your offsite data is safe with premium encryption and data center security standards. In our monthly StorageCraft webinar, we offer an overview of all the benefits you gain from choosing the StorageCraft Cloud Services solution.


The Bullet-Proof Disaster Recovery Cloud

No matter the on-site disaster: fire, flood, basement collapse, tornados, hurricanes, or even the common hardware/system failure, we’ve got you covered. You can look to StorageCraft Cloud Services to make sure your business stays online, always.

With StorageCraft Cloud Services, you have instantaneous failover of a single machine or an entire site and network with a single click. We are using patented Virtual Machine Policy to bring you this unique functionality. You can also make use of recovery environments for bare metal restore. We always make sure your downtime is limited, and you have control of the recovery process to minimize RTO. Our disaster recovery cloud is perfect for:

  • Physical and virtual servers and workstations with support for ShadowProtect Windows and Linux images;
  • Recovering systems and data in seconds, not minutes or hours;
  • Ensuring offsite data is safe with premium encryption and data center security standards.

And if you’re wondering about data centers, just keep in mind we have all tier 3 and 3+ data centers that fulfill all your compliance needs: SOC, HIPAA, PCI or other. We use redundant, enterprise-grade firewalls and our system is massively scalable with three service levels and a mirroring option.

Register for the StorageCraft Monthly Partner Broadcast

We host the monthly webinar series for StorageCraft partners on the first Wednesday of every month. If you want to know more about backup software, our monthly broadcast will give you the latest scoop.

Register for our webinar series here: http://bit.ly/1MHcSRS

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