We Heard You: ShadowProtect SPX Now Has Remote Backup Monitoring

We Heard You: ShadowProtect SPX Now Has Remote Backup Monitoring

February 8

ShadowProtect SPX, the award-winning backup software, got a major update in version 6.5.  Users will now be able to monitor their backup jobs remotely with the SPX dashboard, and right-click to VirtualBoot to load their backup images to a virtual machine. Both features were extremely popular in the ShadowProtect 5 backup software console. They have now been included in SPX 6.5 to make data management easier for managed service providers.

Now, with these features coming to SPX, you have two more good reasons to switch to ShadowProtect SPX!

ShadowProtect SXP 6.5 logo

SPX 6.5: All You Love About ShadowProtect 5 and More!

The ShadowProtect SPX 6.5 includes features that were voted most popular by StorageCraft partners, said Cody Carpenter, StorageCraft Product Manager.

“This release of ShadowProtect SPX was all about partner feedback. We tried to compile a list of the most popular features of ShadowProtect 5 and include them into SPX. By far the most popular feature was the remote monitoring dashboard,” said Cody.

Here’s a shortlist of the features that partners found essential in ShadowProtect 5, and that are now moving to SPX:

  • Remotely monitor backup operations for a small number of systems directly from the SPX console;
  • Right-click backup image to load quickly as a virtual machine (VirtualBoot for Hyper-V or vSphere);
  • Download individual log files for each backup job for easy troubleshooting;
  • Expanded Linux support – SPX now supports Ubuntu 16.0.4.

Custom ShadowProtext SPX Installer and More Custom Alerts

The ShadowProtect SPX 6.5 release also has a heap of other useful features, among which a custom installer. This allows MSP’s to install just the service and no user interface files. You can choose to install only the components you need: backup agent or console and tools.

“This will come in very handy to users who have Linux servers, and who want nothing but their absolutely vital files on the server,” added Cody.

Another handy feat added was the additional flexibility on setting up notifications for backup jobs. The new ShadowProtext SPX 6.5 will allow you to set the day and the time for scheduling email notifications for the backup jobs. This way, managed service providers can get important alerts about what backups completed or have failed. When data is lost, these alerts are the difference between the life and death of a business!

Looking forward to the future, Cody added that ShadowProtect 5 will still be around, although not a center piece to StorageCraft development. “ShadowProtect 5 is still there for supporting older operating systems. Many partners still use older operating systems, so we wanted to provide a solution for those environments. We will continue to provide support for ShadowProtect 5, but any new features will be added to ShadowProtect SPX,” added Cody.

“We encourage our partners and clients to use SPX, they will get all the great features of ShadowProtect 5 and benefits of new, modern technology,” he added.

To upgrade to ShadowProtect SPX, users can go to the StorageCraft Trial/Downloads page. The ShadowProtect SPX 6.5 will also how updates available in the Help menu. To push the upgrade easily to multiple systems at once, we recommend the ShadowControl console.