We all need offsite storage in our DR plan, but on-premise is still king

We all need offsite storage in our DR plan, but on-premise is still king

August 7

Here at StorageCraft, we strongly believe that local backups as part of a disaster recovery plan are paramount.  Even as we prepare to launch our own offsite backup option this fall, StorageCraft Cloud Services, we still focus heavily on the benefits of an on-premise backup.  In fact, StorageCraft solutions require you to backup locally before replicating to an offsite location.

Why do we push on-premise backups as a primary option? Quick recovery time in most types of disasters, avoidance of downtime due to connection or other issues beyond your control, and offsite storage cost containment to name a few. Ideally, users should build a business continuity plan that allows them to quickly access local data in most disaster situations but have access to cloud backups in the case of site-wide disasters.  And, when a cloud backup option is considered, it should be one that provides prompt virtualization opportunities and not just the ability to retrieve backup images.

It seems we are not alone in prescribing balance as users look to cloud computing options.  Among other topics, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, spoke recently about his concern over people “moving everything to the cloud.” It appears he believes options that allow users to maintain more control over their data is preferable.

Our own Matt Urmston recently addressed this topic, and we prepare a white paper around the topic. To learn more about offsite backup perspectives from StorageCraft, check out our “Cloud, Fog or Smog” white paper.