Save on the WD Sentinel NAS and ShadowProtect!

StorageCraft and WD are pleased to announce a joint discount on the WD Sentinel NAS and StorageCraft ShadowProtect® when purchased together via Synnex.

Why the WD Sentinel NAS & ShadowProtect?
The WD Sentinel deployed in conjunction with ShadowProtect is a powerful, reliable, affordable, easy to deploy and maintain backup and disaster recovery solution for small and midsized businesses.  The award-winning WD Sentinel is a native Windows® Storage Server NAS featuring enterprise class drives and provides up to 16 TB of storage.  The WD Sentinel is available in both a pedestal and rack mount form factor.


The WD Sentinel comes in a 4-bay desktop pedestal or a 4-bay 1U rack mount form factor and pairs nicely with ShadowProtect and ImageManager.

Because the WD Sentinel features Windows Storage Server, StorageCraft ImageManagerTM can be deployed on the WD Sentinel and perform ongoing verification and consolidation of ShadowProtect backup image files.  And StorageCraft intelligentFTP® or StorageCraft ShadowStream® can run on the WD Sentinel to perform replication of backup image files to an off-site location — including to another WD Sentinel running an FTP server or ShadowStream server.

Deploying ImageManager on WD Sentinel is a clean, efficient, simple method to implement an on-site and off-site backup and recovery solution for your SMB customers.

Read a case study on how Nex-Tech is leveraging this joint WD/StorageCraft solution.

What’s the Discount?

$100 additional discount OFF your Synnex price on the 8 TB, 12 TB and 16 TB WD Sentinel DX4000 or RX4100
$75 additional discount OFF your Synnex price on the 4 TB and 6 TB DX4000


10% additional discount* OFF your Synnex price on:

  • ShadowProtect 5 Server
  • ShadowProtect 5 Virtual
  • ShadowProtect 5 Small Business Server
  • ShadowProtect 5 Desktop
  • StorageCraft ShadowStream
  • StorageCraft intelligentFTP

How do I get the Discount?

This discount is an exclusive, limited time offer available only when purchasing the WD Sentinel and ShadowProtect from Synnex USA through December 2013.synnex

Contact your Synnex representative and request the WD Sentinel and StorageCraft discount.  Ask your Synnex representative to notify the StorageCraft Business Development Manager, Trent Painter (, for the StorageCraft discount.


*Offer expires Dec. 31, 2013.  Discount on StorageCraft products are limited to these quantities per WD Sentinel NAS: ShadowProtect 5 Server and ShadowProtect Virtual – six each per Sentinel. ShadowProtect Small Business Server – two per Sentinel.  ShadowProtect Desktop – twenty-five per Sentinel. ShadowStream and intelligentFTP – six each per Sentinel.