Virtualization requires automated, precise backup solutions

Virtualization requires automated, precise backup solutions

August 27

While backup and recovery are both very important to organizations looking to maintain business continuity, they are often thought of as very different parts of the equation. However, in the current world of virtualized machines and servers, both now have to be finely tuned for the best results, backup software industry veteran John Maxwell told ZDNet.

Maxwell noted that many virtualized machines are backed up automatically, removing much of the legwork that would otherwise need to be handled by the IT department. However, even when working with automated solutions, companies must ensure their backup processes are tailored precisely to meet disaster recovery needs. Whatever data backup solutions are in place, they need to ensure important data and applications are available at all times.

One type of solution mentioned by Maxwell sees the backup and recovery software running for a brief time on the virtual machine, giving constant, point-in-time backup via a snapshot. Using a brief picture, either a single document or an entire machine can be restored.

Virtualization itself is not reinventing the wheel when it comes to backup, as InformationWeek noted, but it is helping expand the effectiveness of traditional solutions. One way it is doing so is by allowing solutions to leverage the primary storage in the backup process.