Virtualization may answer disaster woes

Virtualization may answer disaster woes

October 23

Disaster recovery can be a tricky subject for a business, but with the right tools swift results that make every party involved happy can be achieved. According to ITWeb, virtualization may be the answer many companies are seeking, making business continuity attempt not only easier but faster.

Virtualization provides businesses with a more flexible and scalable environment for their computing needs, which in turn allows for simplified and swift backing up of data and, more importantly, the recovery of that information.

According to the news source, virtualization also gives businesses improved access to data and applications over multiple devices by providing access to a centralized server, rather than having those data and apps strewn out across a diverse network of operating systems and platforms. This keeps data in an easily managed, and therefore simple to protect, system. This reduces the chance of data being lost if an employee’s device crashes, and makes it much easier to get back to business in minutes, rather than hours or days, when a system-wide crash or power outage occurs.