Virtualization a Major Help with Backup and Recovery Efforts

Virtualization a Major Help with Backup and Recovery Efforts

June 13

Every business needs to back up its data. From power outages to natural disasters, business continuity necessitates reliable backup and recovery software that can help the company quickly return to operation. Virtualization can help small businesses improve disaster recovery efforts, shows CIO.com. With virtualization, IT departments can feel more confident in their ability to bounce back from a crisis.

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The first step in data backup is to establish the best solution for the company, be it onsite disks or the cloud. Then a business needs to develop a backup schedule that meets its needs for both productivity and reliability. Finally, the company backup solution should incorporate capacity and cost-saving techniques, such as deduplication and space management.

How Virtualization Helps Backup & Disaster Recovery

According to the news source, virtualization can help by simplifying the process and taking away some of the stress involved. Utilizing virtual machines makes it easier to re-establish operations following a disaster and allow for easier backing up of data images. Ultimately, there are five key points that can help a business establish what it needs for reliable backup, without breaking the bank to do so. These are:

  • bringing backup schedules under control
  • unifying virtual and physical backups
  • consolidating backup and recovery tools
  • balancing retention time with compliance
  • implementing deduplication.

From these five tips comes one unifying idea. Backup and recovery solutions should match company needs without overwhelming it with cost and the amount of data. Businesses must find the data backup software that allows the business to back up and restore as frequently as it needs to. But without overwhelming employees or servers.

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Virtualization helps by making the backup and recovery process more flexible. It also makes it much faster and easier for employees to recover that machine exactly. This allows businesses to recover information with the touch of a button, and do it with peace of mind. Establishing data backup and recovery is an essential part of running a business, big or small, but it should not be a painful process.

Whether running two computers or a complex server network without backups, one flip of a switch could cripple a business. It’s vital to be able to recover them with another flip.