Virtualization isn’t only for large businesses

Virtualization isn’t only for large businesses

November 16

While small businesses may have small budgets, the same tools that help larger companies can be just as beneficial. According to CIOL, one of the best technologies an SMB can invest in when it comes to disaster recovery and protection is virtualization.

Virtual environments can help a business by speeding up operations and maximizing the output of limited amounts of hardware. Rather than investing in multiple servers, a company can set up virtual machines to get more out of a single piece of hardware. Additionally, with virtual desktops, the company can help employees work more productively and efficiently.

However, when it comes to disaster recovery software and restoring systems after a crisis, these same tools can make recovery that much faster. With virtualization, a business will be able to get employees up and running faster with machine images, restoring data and applications more swiftly and helping the company eliminate downtime.

Virtualization allows a business to be more flexible and improve its network and storage utilization on a budget, but it also helps restore those systems when they go down, without the hassle of dealing with numerous machines.