Virtualization is disaster recovery’s best friend

Virtualization is disaster recovery’s best friend

July 26

Disaster recovery, as a vital aspect of business continuity, is a delicate process, from backing up data and recovering specific files when only one computer goes down to restoring the entire network should a power outage or natural disaster occur. When it comes to making the recovery process as quick and efficient as possible, virtualization is the newest tool to fit the bill.

According to the Hosting News, virtualization provides a low-energy, timely recovery option that can save the business money and simplify the process significantly. Through virtualization, a company can store images of machines that can be recovered and reinstalled with ease. Images can be saved every evening, bi-weekly, or at any other schedule that is convenient for business needs – and at savings of 50 percent or more of the firm’s regular IT costs, according to the news source.

Virtualization provides not only cost savings for the business as a whole, but a simplified IT solution that can get a machine up and running in minutes rather than hours or even days. Server backup solutions can be made easy with a reliable virtual system in place to take the burden away and foster ease of mind in the workplace.