Virtualization helps solve backup challenges

Virtualization helps solve backup challenges

November 1

While more businesses are looking for ways to simplify their backup and recovery software solutions, some have found that virtualization helps address many challenges they may be having. According to Business Daily, implementing virtual servers can eliminate the need to frequently update server technology, reduce operational costs, and allow the business to restore its data faster should disaster occur.

With virtualization, a business can take a snapshot of its data storage, creating a downloadable image that allows it to quickly return a computer or server to the exact state it was in, software-wise, when the snapshot was taken. This allows a business to eliminate many risks regarding data backup software and to simplify the process, allowing recovery to be faster.

With virtual servers, a business is utilizing more power from one machine, rather than requiring multiple servers to cover the same workload. This benefit transfers over to disaster recovery as well, where the business can restore the single server to operation faster than nine servers, or even more.

Ultimately, with virtualization, data recovery is simplified for the business, but overall operations are enhanced as well, making it well worth the investment.