Virtualization is growing, especially for disaster recovery

Virtualization is growing, especially for disaster recovery

May 24

Virtualization may be a lesser-known IT solution, but its use is growing in business, especially in disaster recovery. ITWeb recently interviewed a number of IT leaders in order to gain a better perspective on the state of virtualization in business use and clear up perceptions of the technology.

According to the news source, these experts agree that virtualization and the cloud not only simplify backup and recovery software, but are also more cost-effective and reliable. Virtual environments allow for testing of new systems and other advantages that would normally set a company back in time and resources, but can now be done swiftly without interrupting everyday business operations.

“The space in which we saw large savings for virtualization was disaster recovery,” Pieter van der Merwe, an availability solutions specialist, told the news source. “This is in the top end of the data center, where the high-value business applications sit and where disaster recovery is an absolute requirement. Virtualization made DR much more affordable and easy to implement.”

Many of these experts agree that virtualization is becoming a strong part of any successful company. It is important for a business to address these solutions now, rather than fall behind the technological curve and risk losing its competitive edge.