Virtual backup solutions increase in popularity

Virtual backup solutions increase in popularity

September 30

More businesses are looking to adopt virtual server backup solutions, according to a recent study by Arkeia Software. With about 80 percent of respondents revealing that they are considering virtualization for their disaster recovery needs, this marks a notable shift in the relationship between business continuity and virtualization.

The survey, conducted at VMworld San Francisco in August, focused on VMware users and their data protection practices, as well as the benefits that virtualization can offer a business.

“Administrators that deploy backup servers as virtual appliances fully reap the benefits of virtualization, including cost reduction, ease of provisioning, and availability,” said Bill Evans, CEO at Arkeia Software.

According to the study, many businesses that invest in virtual servers still deploy physical ones as well, and 63 percent recognize a need to protect both types of servers. No matter where data is stored, it needs to be backed up should a disaster strike.

However, with virtualization, this process becomes easier. Virtual servers allow a company to make an image of data and applications, which can make recovery swifter. These solutions help keep data organized, easily stored, and manageable. Through virtualization a business can also consolidate its computer power, utilizing servers for primary backups while running applications and more on them as well.

With the right data backup software and a virtualization strategy, any business can improve its disaster preparedness and ease into business continuity with clarity and focus that only the enhanced organization and minimized downtime of virtualization can offer. Though not all businesses need virtual servers, the benefits that they provide are worth considering when upgrading IT systems.