Video: ROI with Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

Video: ROI with Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

August 29

There’s always an initial cost when investing in backup and disaster recovery software, but it’s extremely minimal compared to the cost of downtime and data loss that can be caused by failures large and small. Really, though, there’s no reason to lose any data or to suffer an excess of downtime. Simply by investing in quality backup and disaster recovery software, you can ensure that you won’t suffer from the ravages of disaster.

In this video,┬áIT consultant Tony Bradley illustrates the importance of backup and disaster recovery software as an investment in your company’s future. He’ll also look at the return on investment you can gain by implementing backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Let’s let Tony give us the rundown:


And don’t forget, if you’re not so certain your current backup solution is up to snuff, you can always check out one of our free trial downloads and see for yourself how powerful these tools really are. It’s all part of the StorageCraft Recover-ability solution, which can empower you to easily backup, replicate, manage, and recover your ShadowProtect backup images.

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