How valuable is a disaster recovery plan?

How valuable is a disaster recovery plan?

October 12

Too many companies will not understand the value of a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan until it is too late, and only begin to realize why these preparations are necessary to maintain continuity when outages persist for more than a few days. Federal and state officials are starting to push business owners to develop and deploy effective disaster management and recovery plans before another natural disaster strikes.

The Tennessean recently reported that the Nashville Area Chamber, a long-time advocate of small businesses in the Middle Tennessee region, is imploring these firms to refine DR as soon as possible. According to the news provider, the major storm that hit in the first two days of May 2010 caused substantial damage to more than 2,700 businesses around the Cumberland River near Nashville.

This translated to massive economic losses, both for the state government that needed to disburse recovery loans and the companies themselves. The source explained that many businesses struggled to overcome the challenges of the flooding, experiencing widespread and long-term outages that proved crippling to those who did not have DR strategies in place.

The Tennessean noted that the state government has launched several programs to raise awareness among area businesses of the importance of disaster recovery, including a new portal on the Nashville Chamber’s website that serves as a checklist.

State officials and the federal government have also become more involved in the protection of East Coast businesses before the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season commences. Forecasters are calling for potentially more damaging storms than last year, and small business owners need to implement the necessary DR solutions as soon as possible to avoid costly outages.

Cloud services are among the most quickly implemented and effective DR solutions available to businesses today.