Utilize cloud to protect from weather

Utilize cloud to protect from weather

August 24

Business continuity relies on the protection of data and a swift return to operations after a disaster. However, when it comes to a natural disaster like a hurricane or flooding, some businesses still suffer. Physical damage to an office can bring a halt to operations even more assuredly than a power outage or server crash. This is not only bad for business, it can also cut off the company from its data backups.

When data backup software stores information on physical hardware on-site, it is subject to the same dangers as employee computers and servers. However, when a business implements an online backup solution in the cloud, it lifts its backups out of danger and over the flood waters.

According to Government News, many local government bodies in Australia are coming to this realization. Recent flooding in Queensland, where these officials are located, has shown them that they need a reliable way to keep data and operations safe despite any emergency that may occur.

With cloud computing solutions for disaster recovery, a business can easily access its secure documents at any location, removing the risk that information will be destroyed or otherwise inaccessible following a natural disaster. This is not the only benefit that the cloud offers though. Lower costs due to pay-as-you-go storage and increased efficiency allow organizations to implement automated backup and recovery software more easily and with the benefit of 24/7 protection. A cloud solutions lets a business or government office back up its data at any time, rather than risking continuity to a schedule broken up across several days or weeks.

By adopting the cloud, even as a secondary backup service, an organization improves its chances of surviving a disaster, and effectively eliminates the risk that its data could be lost for good.