Using StorageCraft Cloud Services? Check out These Awesome Cloud Services Tech Tips

Using StorageCraft Cloud Services? Check out These Awesome Cloud Services Tech Tips

October 9

StorageCraft Cloud Services has a variety of excellent features that allow users to do everything from recovering a single file to spinning up entire machines from the cloud in minutes.

Let’s have a look how easy it is to use some of the turbo-fast recovery tools of  StorageCraft Cloud Services by having a look at our favorite Cloud Services Tech Tips with Steve.

Recover a file from the StorageCraft cloud

It’s nice to be able to recover a file from your local backups. You can do it very easily using ShadowProtect, but what if you’re not at the client location and they’re asking you to find a file they accidentally deleted? Those replicating backup images to StorageCraft Cloud Services are in luck. Using our web-based portal, you can navigate to that client’s backup chain and find the missing file from an older point-in-time when that file still existed, move that file to the desktop, and simply email it over to them. Best of all, you can do it from anywhere and at any time. Check out the video to see how:

Virtualizing in the StorageCraft cloud

Virtualization is steadily gaining widespread popularity because it has so many effective uses, especially where backup and disaster recovery is concerned. Once you’ve got your backup images replicated to our cloud, you can spin them up as virtual machines in just minutes. The great thing is you don’t need to call StorageCraft to get things set up for you, you can just find the image you’d like to virtualize inside our web portal, and virtualize it. Here’s how easy:

Set up a VPN in the StorageCraft cloud

Let’s suppose an important file server dies at one of your client’s locations and employees can no longer access all of the work they’ve saved there. The client is facing a deadline and doesn’t have failover equipment, though they did invest in backup replication to the StorageCraft cloud. Using StorageCraft Cloud Services, you can spin up that file share as a VM and set up a virtual private network (VPN) or assign a public IP address to your VM so that the employees can once again access all the things they need. Because of this super-speed technology, your client can make the deadline. This video shows you how:

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photo credit: “Summer Clouds” namito111 via Deviant Art.