Using QR Codes for Marketing Success

Using QR Codes for Marketing Success

August 2

If you’ve ever tried to cross the Hoover Dam from Nevada to Arizona before 2010 you know how wonderful The Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Colorado River Bridge) now is as far as traffic flow is concerned.  Construction on the nearly 2,000 foot long bridge began in late January 2005 and traffic began using the Hoover Dam Bypass on October 19, 2010.  Prior to that point—had that wonderful bridge not been built—you’d probably still be there idling in your car waiting to cross.

That’s how I kind of feel about the gap that used to exist between print and online media. If you used a print ad to try and drive someone to your website to take advantage of an offer or get more information about something—kind of like crossing the Hoover Dam prior to 2010—your options were pretty limited. You had to print a URL in your ad which you hoped was easy enough to remember so your readers would make note of it, then motivate them to get up, go to their computer in the other room and type it in their browser. Frankly, it didn’t happen.

QR Codes—the Bridge between Print and Online Marketing

That’s all changed with the advent and increasing acceptance of the ugly, but handy quick response (QR) code. With a free downloadable app, you can use your smart phone to scan the QR code on everything from bananas in your favorite super market to the for sale sign on the front lawn of your neighbor’s house to instantly connect to the internet and get more information about promotions, pricing and product features. I use these little beauties in all my print ads.  It is a convenient bridge for traffic that can carry readers of my print ads to my online landing pages where their options for obtaining more information are exponentially greater.

So what can QR codes do for you, and how do you get started?

QR codes can allow users to get to information you want them to get to in an instant. This is useful for anything in print. From an MSP perspective, these are most useful in your direct-mail pieces (StorageCraft has a few of these available in the partner portal), or on signage at your tradeshow booth.

Creating QR codes is simple, websites like Qurify allow you to create QR code that can send people anywhere you’d like, whether it’s a product or services description page, your company’s about page, or even a special promotional landing page, and even allow you to track the success of individual codes.

When it comes to QR codes, there are a handful of best practices like when and where to use them, how to craft a call to action, and how to track the success of a QR code campaign. If you’re interested in using QR codes, you’ll probably benefit from this recent article on the MarketingProfs website that teaches you all the nitty-gritty details on how to use QR codes in your print marketing.

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Photo Credit: van Van Es via Compfight cc