Users Torn Between Cloud and Tape

Users Torn Between Cloud and Tape

May 3

Recent surveys show that many businesses are still using tape and hard disk backups, but that more are at least considering moving their server backup solutions to the cloud in order to cut costs.

One in Ten Have No Idea What Data Backup They Have

Dell and ITWorks found that about half of all businesses use backup tape to more closely manage their data portfolios. One in ten didn’t know what if any data backup solutions were in place for their company. The survey found most commonly that businesses used disk backups for data they may need more quickly. They added archived information on tape, rather than put any of it in the cloud.

In light of recent events affecting Google’s and Apple’s cloud-based services, many businesses are hesitant to embrace host solutions. Both cloud services experienced outages within days of each other. The companies involved claimed only 1 or 2 percent went without service. That actually breaks down to a couple million users without access to their data.

Despite such headline-grabbing events, cloud outages are actually rare. Businesses should not be dissuaded from putting some of their less-mission-critical data in the cloud. According to Kobus De Beer, marketing manager with Dell, many businesses have in-house IT departments that manually handle their backup and recovery software. They will manage all their business continuity needs in order to keep closer watch on their data.

Cloud vs Tape, Still a Big Decision

A study by InformationWeek found that about 75 percent of businesses aren’t using the cloud now. However, the same study shows that 44 percent are considering it. Some consider it a cost-saving measure, allowing them to do away with a physical server room and having to pay staff to maintain it.

But businesses must still be mindful that cloud outages do occur, which should factor into their decisions of which information to store in house and which to send to the cloud.