Upgrading Your Site or App? It Might be Time to Hire a Freelancer

Upgrading Your Site or App? It Might be Time to Hire a Freelancer

February 25

Revamping a website, looking for a way to offer more services or creating your own app could cause you or your clients to seek some outside help.

Freelance work is nothing new, obviously, but what has become popular are websites and resources that group experts together. These allow freelancers to tout their experience and for potential employers to do a pretty refined search for the right person to do the kind of work they want done.

Bernat Guitart, CEO of AppFutura, took time to answer some questions about these kinds of collective job boards.

StorageCraft: What should we be looking for when considering a developer?

Guitart: There are many different things to consider. One would be how many platforms do you want to develop your project for? The first thing would be having a defined idea of what is needed and a realistic budget.

Depending on how big a project is, you may want to approach one company or another. There are companies specialized in every kind of project you can possibly imagine. Some work in a lot of small projects and make a living out of that and others don’t even consider projects below $25K (or more). Some are better in iOS than Android. Others are in games but not so much in productivity apps. There’s a long list of aspects to consider.

The thing about AppFutura is that we have come to know so many companies we are confident to say we can recommend.

SC: What need do you think is met by AppFutura?

Guitart: We connect people searching for mobile app development professionals with their best match. If you are someone well-versed in the mobile world, you will find an outstanding directory with developers worldwide.

If you are not, we will help you shape your project, find the right professional for it and give you continued support throughout the process. We give you a tool to handle all payments securely, with our expert hand in the middle so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the process.

As for developers, we are a great tool for them to enhance their sales and marketing strategy (they get projects to work on and visibility).

SC: Do you have any competitors?

Guitart: Yes. On one hand, you have more general platforms like Elance or Freelancer.

There are some other companies that offer more specialized services, although we are still quite different. The best example is Crew.

SC: Is there a worry that service and IT providers might not want to freelance out the development of apps?

Guitart: I wouldn’t say it is so much of a worry. In-house development is a perfectly fine option.

However, when it comes to apps, their development cycle is rather short — or with a clear end date at least. Posterior maintenance does not require as much effort and having a full-time in-house developer can be expensive.

Moreover, when it comes to companies with recurring development needs, there is one thing an in-house developer won’t be able to accomplish: He can’t be specialized in everything that the mobile world entails.

Looking for different freelance or outsourcing companies for each project allows you to find the best candidate for each different project.

While hiring someone outside the company may seem foreign, you at least have some options to make it more worth your while.

And if this is something you are considering, there are many resources out there that can provide you with the kind of expert you need to complete your next project.

Photo credit: Rock1997 via Wikimedia