Upgrading data storage preserves business continuity

Upgrading data storage preserves business continuity

May 7

Physical media, regardless of format, will degrade over time. DVDs, VHS and cassette tapes, disk drives, and tape drives alike are subject to lackluster maintenance and environmental conditions. Finding secure data backup solutions is important as these forms of media won’t be copyable forever.

For many businesses with large amounts of data, server backup software can be handled in house by IT professionals, but this alone doesn’t stop data loss. A report from the Graziadio Business Review shows that 40 percent of data loss is due to hardware failure, so if a company only has a single server backup, it may still take a loss as it can’t replace the information.

One innovative business continuity solution that is finding favor in the enterprise is the use of laser technology to more easily pull data from disks and tapes without damaging either medium. It also allows for higher capacities to be stored at once. While not ideal or affordable for all businesses and still somewhat untested, it shows that businesses are considering new computer backup software alternatives to replace outdated file storage.