University of Oregon now offers researchers online backup option

University of Oregon now offers researchers online backup option

April 19

Up until recently, scientists and researchers working at and with the University of Oregon had few options available when it came to backing up their work. That changed when the school added a new data center for the first time in nearly half a century, according to the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Dana Johnston, the associate dean of natural sciences at the university, told the news provider that few schools offer such technology to faculty. Instead, researchers rely on “a box under their desk, or a zip drive, or a memory stick as their backup.”

That will change with the new data center as online backup will now be on the table for researchers. The technology will allow them to quickly and easily preserve and protect their work.

“A lot of people have [backups] in just completely environmentally inappropriate areas with no backup power, no backup memory, no backup internet, no professional systems administration – and we kind of just limp along as best we can,” Johnston said.

A recent Technology Spectator report noted that both backup and recovery software have benefited from the cloud. Still, some organizations choose to go with a hybrid approach of mixing hosted and on-premise technology.