‘Twas the Night Datto Saved Christmas

‘Twas the Night Datto Saved Christmas

December 21

Introducing, a special holiday poem from Shannon Kohn of StorageCraft partner Datto

Along with her unofficial title as the Datto Trade Show Warrior, Shannon Kohn, Director of Marketing & Channel Relations, leads company initiatives in channel program development, creation and implementation of integrated marketing campaigns and also works to cultivate meaningful relationships with solution providers, channel vendors and Datto Partners.

She was recently named to CRN’s 2012 “Top 100 People You Don’t Know, But Should” list, and well as CRN’s annual 2012 “Women of the Channel” list.

For more holiday fun, be sure to check out StorageCraft holiday wish list. Thanks Shannon!

 ‘Twas The Night Datto Saved Christmas

By Shannon Kohn

Twas the night

Before Christmas

And the system stopped working

John wished to go home

But the competition was smirking

The server was down

Pending repair

A new

Hard drive was needed

To John’s deepest despair

The stores were all closed

And the snow quickly falling

The roads would be bad

So John started bawling

He moaned and he groaned

As he paced back and forth

He knew his luck had run out

As he looked to the north

John thought of his children

All snug in their beds

So cozy and warm

Having dreams of red sleds

Thoughts of his wife

Cluttered his mind

Alone in his office

For Sally he pined

First he tried this

And then he tried that

Nothing seemed to work

The backups

All crashed

When what

To John’s wondering eyes

Should appear

But a big white cloud

He could see it so clear

Then it struck him and

He leaped up with joy

His smile grew larger

A solution to deploy

John quickly sat down

Turned on his computer

As he whistled

And shouted

And called

For a savior

Now Datto

Now VMs

Now Instant




On Virtual Box

And Xen

To the data center

Far far away

Data in both

Cali and PA

Now virtualize


Virtualize it all

So up

In the cloud


Did run

With a full

Image loaded

Applications were spun

And then

A huge sigh

Was released in delight

He knew that

He had now

Put things alright

And I heard John exclaim

As he drove out of sight

Thank heavens for Datto

And to all a goodnight