Top three questions regarding cloud storage

Top three questions regarding cloud storage

June 29

Businesses have a variety of choices when it comes to cloud storage, backup and recovery solutions. Private versus public clouds, storage space, payment plans and more all factor into the decision to invest in cloud computing for a business. Between finding a provider they can trust and ensuring that their data is secured after uploading it, online backup solutions have to meet a range of criteria. However, as a recent Telegraph report highlighted, there are several questions that any company should ask in order to make the most informed choice.

Can I trust my provider?

The most important question, one of trust, is easy for most businesses to answer. Placing company data in another’s hands may seem nerve wracking, but by exploring various options and knowing what services a provider supplies, a company can make an educated choice based on the trustworthiness and quality of data protection that a service offers.

Will the cloud save me money?

Cloud computing solutions are best known for being cost-effective, but choosing the wrong data backup software can negate this benefit. By examining the different options available to it, a business can ensure that it avoids unnecessary expenditures and saves money on its data-related needs.

What are the security risks of the cloud?

There are many rumors surrounding the cloud that make business question its security, but ultimately, a reliable cloud-based backup, recovery, and storage solution will be just as, if not more, secure than any in-house IT system. This makes the cloud potentially safer than any on-site solution, while providing easier access, lower costs, and many other benefits as well.