Top reason to backup data

Top reason to backup data

August 20

Backing up data is a common necessity. Every business, consumer, and organization needs to protect its information from potential loss. Whether it’s financial data or family photos, those documents are important and deserve high-quality data backup software to protect them.

According to a recent study by Seagate, 54 percent of people know at least one person who has lost data due to a power outage, natural disaster, or simple hardware failure. Additionally, only 10 percent back up their data daily, while 25 percent never do.

In the consumer world, this is dangerous, and for businesses it’s inexcusable. Developing a reliable disaster recovery plan is essential for company survival, as well as meeting compliance regulations. Every business should strive to make data backups second nature.

From the cloud to high-quality backup hard drive solutions, there are a number of ways a company can protect its data from loss. Any business can analyze its operational needs and adopt the solution that best matches up with its processes. By protecting data, a business knows it will be able to survive any IT crisis and get back to work quickly afterward.