Top reasons the cloud is more reliable than tape

Top reasons the cloud is more reliable than tape

June 14

Businesses have three primary options for backup and recovery solutions – tape, disk, and the cloud. While each has its own advantages, many companies utilizing the wrong service for their needs. According to CloudTweaks, there are seven reasons why a business should migrate from tape to the cloud today – reliability, data growth, speed of recovery, off-site storage, ease of use, security, and cost.

While tape is a low-cost solution that is easy to move and requires no bandwidth, it isn’t the more reliable option. Tape wears out after about 5,000 writes, according to the news source, and must be stored in dark, dry spaces for optimal conditions. The cloud requires none of these problems, and takes up no physical space for the company. This also removes the fear that a physical disaster could destroy the company backups.

Online backup solutions also accommodate constant data updates unlike tape, which would be labor-intensive and cumbersome process. Similarly, businesses often need to recover data quickly and for various reasons. A bug would demand a rollback or the failure of a secondary backup hard drive could mean that a data image needs to be restored in the background. Tape simply requires physical attention that the cloud does not, taking time away from the work day and halting productivity.

Ultimately, tape still has its uses in long-term storage, but for immediate disaster recovery needs, the cloud is a more reliable and effective option for any business. Migrating to the cloud is also easy for most companies, especially smaller ones that do not have the resources to manage physical tape backups