Top 5 Linux Community Resources for IT Pros

Top 5 Linux Community Resources for IT Pros

July 29

The lack of dedicated Linux support can be frustrating for us low-level users. Unless you buy a package that comes with commercial support, you’re technically on your own – but not necessarily. Every open source project worth running has a community around it, and the Linux community is probably the biggest and most active of them all.

Equipped with these Linux community resources, you can assemble your very own support system that helps with installation, troubleshooting, and everything in between.


Got questions about Linux? Well this is the place to get them answered. LinuxQuestions is especially idea for newbs looking to find their way. The “Newbie” section has well over 100,000 threads on everything from laptop suggestions to running select distros from USB drives. While the forum is the most lively component, the site also offers reviews on Linux books and distributions, a knowledgebase, and blogs run by some of its most respected members. Of courses it helps to have some patience when seeking help, but with well over 500,000 registered users strong, LinuxQuestions is no doubt an excellent resource for Linux community support.

Official Ubuntu Documentation

This portal is hands down the best community resource for all things Ubuntu. Official documentation essentially translates to the user manual for desktop and server editions of the popular Debian-based distribution. That means you can explore topics that help you get up and running with everything from user and system settings to hardware and drivers. There’s also the Ubuntu Wiki, a community-made and maintained reference that provides easy access to how to’s and tips for newcomers as well as tricks and hacks seasoned users can put to good use.

How-to Forge

Sometimes step by step guidance is the only way to find your footing with a new system. Tutorials are highly sought after Linux community resources, and that’s all you find at How-to Forge. What I like about this site is that it covers a mix of basic and advanced, more specific topics. For example, you can read up on how to password-protect PDF documents, or learn how to use the WineTricks utility to simplify app installations with Wine. How-to Forge tutorials can be viewed in HTML or downloaded and viewed offline in PDF.

Linux Foundation

Next we have what is easily is one of the best Linux resources for anyone seeking Linux-related career opportunities. Founded back in 2000, The Linux Foundation offers training and certification that helps IT professionals hone their craft, showcase their skills, and secure awesome jobs making great money. The certification program is built on a set of rigorous standards that keep performance, distro flexibility, and emerging IT trends in mind. You can also find an assortment of free resources in the form of videos, tutorials, and webinars for developers and administrators. The Linux Foundation is an educational resource trusted by IT pros at Bank of America, Intel, VMware, and other leading companies.

This Week In Linux

There’s always something going on the in the Linux community, and if it’s big enough to make the news wire, you’ll probably find it here. The YouTube channel This Week In Linux has become its own community, which as of this writing, is bustling with more than 20,000 subscribers. In addition to the latest news, you can also find distro reviews, info on Linux-friendly hardware, and tutorials on a variety of topics. Thanks to its exclusive use of video, you could say this channel stands out with engagement qualities the other Linux community resources on our list are lacking.