To really protect data, move it off-site

To really protect data, move it off-site

November 26

Data backup software is essential to protecting a business from disaster and the loss of information. However, simply backing up data isn’t enough – those backups have to be kept safe from a disaster. Whether utilizing online backup solutions or hard drive-based systems, moving that data to an off-site location will allow a company to ensure recovery no matter what type of disaster strikes.

According to TechTarget, to really implement effective disaster recovery solutions, they have to be kept simple. Too much complexity will confuse employees, slow down recovery attempts, and increase overall downtime following a crisis. However, with simple backup and recovery software, and clearly outlined plans and responsibilities, a business will be able to recover more effectively and quickly.

“Procedures should be pretty straightforward and [need] to be fairly explicit because in the midst of a disaster like Sandy you don’t have a lot of time to think about what’s going on,” Ray Lucchesi, a disaster recovery specialist with Silverton Consulting, told the news source.

Ultimately, being over-prepared for a disaster, with too much complex planning, can be almost as bad as not being prepared at all. A business needs to find a way to keep itself secure from data loss, but do so as simply as possible.