Timeliness key factor in disaster recovery

Timeliness key factor in disaster recovery

November 10

With more businesses focusing on disaster recovery, it is important for them to know what the key factors are regarding continuity efforts. Businesses need the tools that will allow them to back up and recover data quickly and minimize downtime after a crisis. Many business owners find out too late that their disaster recovery software doesn’t meet operational needs, and as such, many scramble at the last minute to protect their most valuable resource.

For many businesses the most important factor in disaster recovery efforts is swift return to operations. With the right tools and the right preparations, this can be accomplished quickly and efficiently, but there are many points to consider before these steps can be taken.

Backup schedule
Every business needs to establish a set schedule for backing up its data. This is easy with an automated solution. Online backup tools can provide instant, frequent back up windows that a business won’t have to spend resources or man power to monitor. Additionally, once the data is backed up, it can be copied to multiple storage locations for additional security or tested for reliability, which is another key part of disaster preparedness.

Ensure reliability
The only way to have a successful business continuity plan is to ensure that every aspect of it will work when needed. This reliability can only be found with thorough testing of the solution. With the right backup and recovery software, testing can be made simple and a business can rest easy knowing its data will be recoverable should disaster strike.

Accessibility and flexibility are key
Ultimately, in order to survive, a company has to ensure its backups can be accessed no matter what damage the disaster causes. A business can implement backup hard drives for swift access to its data, but if the office is damaged or closed for safety reasons, other solutions are needed. Online backup solutions provide the necessary secondary resources to ensure that data is recoverable in a timely fashion. With cloud-based backups, a business can access that data from anywhere, not just the office, and restore operations remotely, getting back on track with employees working from home or a temporary location.